Virtual Dog Training!

We can help you, in-home and through virtual training methods.

Training your dog can be a fun and rewarding activity at any time. While we come together as a country and are all doing our part to stay at home, dog training can be even more valuable as it provides us with something engaging to do at home while also helping to reduce stress associated with our dogs’ behavioral issues.

Our History With Virtual Training

Bark Busters has a long history of supporting clients remotely as the company was founded in Australia where our founders, Danny and Sylvia Wilson often traveled several hours to meet with clients. This made it necessary for them to develop ways to support clients via telephone and later with video support. In addition, because we offer all of our clients a life of dog support guarantee, we often have clients move out of our territory who need support in their new home. We support these clients via video and telephone and are comfortable and capable in doing so.

Our dog training methods

Our in-home dog training method is focused on teaching the owner how to be a great leader to their dog and even in our live lessons, the owners do most of the hands on work with their dog. This ensures that the dog is tuning into the owner as the leader and provides the owner with the confidence and ability to replicate the new behaviors and exercises when not with their trainer.

We can assist you remotely (via free video conferencing tools) while shelter-in-place and social distancing guidelines remain in place. Then, we can convert our services  to our regular in-home support when these restrictions ease.

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue

If you have a new puppy, we can help you see immediate improvement during our first remote session working on crate training, housebreaking, destructive behaviors, jumping up, biting, getting used to the leash and more. If you have an adolescent or adult dog with aggression, separation anxiety, barking, leash pulling or other challenging behaviors, we can still help!

The health environment has changed our lives and Bark Busters is doing all that we can to support existing and new clients as things evolve.  Reach out today! We’re here for you!

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